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Friday, September 23, 2011

Did you know that sometimes I do custom art orders?

I have this customer that stops by fairly frequently.  She sometimes apologizes for coming often.  She's a loyal customer that loves to check out my newest concrete art.  I just love apologies needed!  I'm not sure if it was late spring or early summer when she stopped over and brought me two of these heavy metal stands.  She asked me of Iwould make something out of concrete just for them.  Of course I said I would, but I told her she needed to be patient.  I didn't have an instant idea as I usually do, so I needed them to just sit around and live with them.  As the summer went on I would spot them often and I have to admit being a bit frustrated that no ideas were coming to me.  Finally, as I was making and pouring my hand poured bowls, I thought, how perfect it would be to set a different size in each one.  It worked!  Here they are including a large one that sits directly on the table to off set the other two on their stands. 

Do you have something laying around that would work great with one of my concrete art pieces?  Or would you like me to make something specific for your space or table?  My ideas are endless and I would love to make that happen for you!  Please email me if you are interested.

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  1. Hi Amy, I love these concrete spheres! Is the technique for making these spheres, something you would be willing to share? I work in fused glass and I been wanting to create a mixed media stone and glass pieces and these spheres would be a great form to build from. I love your work, it's inspiring! Thank you, Anthony