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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The new concrete "Andrea" pot!

Why call this an "Andrea" pot?  Because Andrea sent me an idea and this is what came from that idea, and she is my niece.  She's quite creative herself and has her definite sense of style and design.  It's always fun to see what colors, textures and designs she puts together.

I love it when people give me their ideas.  I don't always use them, because it has to fit into my style too.  This one was great because I was able to do a little gardening (which I love to do once in a while).  By filling this pot with a small evergreen shrub trimmed up and some natural greens from my garden this pot will take you into the fall season.  Maybe even through the winter if brought into your porch or a protected area.

Today I'll finish a new concrete table top fountain and a few more bowls.  I'll be putting together a new form for a new larger concrete indoor/outdoor fountain also.  This bowl and my other concrete art pieces will be making their way to Wealthy at Charles soon!  If you ever want more information on these pieces, please email me.  Thank you!  

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