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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two new concrete fireball coffee tables created and finished! Whew! It's hot outside!

These two concrete fireball coffee tables are perfect furniture additions to your outdoor patio

Sleek and smooth with a touch of natural nature

Smooth, organic, rustic!

It's hot out!  And I officially am feeling worn out with these high temperatures so far this week.  None the less, concrete art has to happen.  Here are two new concrete fireball coffee tables just finished.

The sleek and smooth coffee table shown here was an order.  A friend of my daughter wanted one for her birthday (what a special gift). Her mom, who has a cottage saw it and wanted to order one too.  What a perfect addition for a cottage.  Just take off the lid and add a can of fuel gel and you have a great fire. 

The smooth, organic and rustic coffee table will be making its way to Wealthy at Charles next week. This table has the appearance of being more organic and rustic but has the same smoothness to set your glass down.  I really like this look.  Subtle color and natural tones add a ton of interest to this table.

These concrete coffee tables do not get hot to the touch, so they are perfect to set down your evening glass of wine or your morning cup of coffee.  Each table is water sealed and waxed to protect the surface. If you are interested in ordering a table, even in a custom size and design, please email me for information. I hope to show you personalized tables soon that would be great to order as gifts for special occasions as birthdays or anniversaries.

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