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Monday, July 11, 2011

Renewal: Finding those tiny specks of texture and pattern at my favorite place.

Yesterday, I spend the whole day at my favorite beach. It was a time of artistic and spiritual renewal for me. I was sitting on the beach all by myself early in the morning with a cup of coffee and a yummy muffin. As I was looking out on to the water and down the beach on either side, I couldn't help but be in awe and so thankful for the beauty around me!

After about an hour of reflection I grabbed my camera. My favorite part of these renewal days is walking slowing and quietly and really seeing and listening to what is around me. Below are only a few examples of what I like to spot and what I think one generally misses.

 Ok...don't say gross!  This fish is so full of color it almost glows!

Although I'm not sure what this is, this round amber ball measures only about 1/8 inch.  It is a nice contrast again the sand.  Did you ever wonder what Michigan beach sand looks like in macro mode!  This is it!  I just love all these warm natural tones.
I'm not sure what this is, but there is was, these wonderful warm browns against the warm sand!  The texture is just amazing!

When walking along the shore you spot a lot of this.  Did you ever take some time to really notice the color pattern and texture in just this one of many very small specks on the beach.

 Again, here is texture and color.  I just love the white contrast to the natural tones!

I couldn't resist this circle.  I love most anything with a circle, especially in my favorite

One day I would one day like to do an experiment.  I would give everyone a camera and tell them to just shoot pictures.  Anything they wanted.  I would then later have them share their favorites.  I wonder how many of those photos would show me they do get it, there is so much beauty we take for granted.  I'm not saying no one does this or that there is a wrong or right way to see and appreciate what's around us, I'm just saying to take time once in a while to stop and SEE!

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