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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Finding That Abstract Photo At My Lake

I've called Lake Michigan my lake many times!  I live close to it and go there often.  I often walk the beach and find "treasures", such as lures, fishing bobbers, bottles, balls, figurines, etc.  Two of my favorites are a plastic duck head and a ball that looks almost wooden, (definitely had been rolling in the water for a long time).  I don't just pick up anything. I have specific criteria of what is considered a treasure and what's not..  

I usually have my camera along while walking the beach because I am not only looking for treasures, I'm also looking for photo treasures.  I like to take a photo of something a person wouldn't take the time to notice. .  

Here is a set of four photos I took a few weeks ago close to sunset.  The wave lines, the sand lines, the washed sand, bubbles and color all make a complete abstract photo. I think they would look absolutely beautiful as a set of photos or a single photo.

Here is another set of four photos in gray tones. The ice cold lake formed these formations as the waves washed around the sand then froze. The texture created is amazing.  What a dramatic presentation this would be on your wall!

These abstracts photos are are meant to be inspiring andinteresting!  If you are looking for something to match the rich brown and gold tones or the soft gray tones in these nature abstracts let me know!  I can have these made up for you in any size on a photo board, matted frame or just a print.

Please feel free to leave comments below or email me for more information.

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