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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New concrete today!

I have created concrete similar bowls like this one before, but these are way different.  I'm so excited to have thought of this new way of setting concrete.  Doing it this way it gives the appearance of "hand blown glass" but using cement.  This causes every bowl to have a delicate top.  Who ever thought one could call concrete delicate?  These are and because of the process each one is special and different making them one of a kind.  These will be available this fall in three sizes, 5", 8" and 10"!  Group a bunch together and what an impressive display that would be.  The bottom photo shows one with a candle lit.  Put it in a darker spot and see a wonderful glow that shines inside as well as a reflection through your room.  Each one is also water sealed so you can also use them as a vase for your garden flowers.

I just love these!  If interested in these please email me for information.  I'll also let you know when they will be available at Wealthy at Charles!

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