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Monday, July 18, 2011

A new week with more concrete!

I had an "art day" planned today. We would have been driving out of town right now to our destination.  Camera's and snacks in hand we were going to hike some trails, find some hidden beautiful, interesting, artistic spots no one has ever seen.  But...after hearing today's forecast of 90 degree heat with high humidity and severe storms we thought we should wait until a better day.  This means I'm back mixing concrete today.  I will also be building a new form for a concrete fountain that was ordered last week.  My three layer concrete fountains have become pretty popular!  Did you know there is one at Wealthy at Charles right now.  Wait to go there tomorrow though, (they are closed on Mondays).

If you want to special order a fountain or any of my concrete art, please email me for information!

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