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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My macro photography = a good loaf of bread!

Macro photography is my "filler."  It's kind of like a good bread with your meal.  You don't have to eat it, but it's yummy and it balances out your meal.  Photography is just like that for me.  My main art medium is concrete and acyclic paint.   I don't have to have the photography to come up with my ideas, but without it I would lack the inspiration.  Photography also reminds me and teaches me about color.  What better teacher could an artist have than nature.  Nature gets its right. 

So next time you are out on a hike, by the lake, in a field, or even in your backyard, take time to see and learn how colors work together.  When you do see photography on my blog, it does mean I'm busy with my concrete art or painting.  I wish I had something new to show you everyday, but I just can't work that fast and concrete does take a bit longer to pour, set and cure; and paintings do take more than one day for me.  And pllease be patient if you're waiting for my new creations, they will be posted soon!

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