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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lake Michigan! Rest and Inspiration for my brain...

In the morning
Rough water way out there during our quiet sunset on shore
Early morning tranquility
Oh my!
A foggy night coming in
So quiet you can only hear these tiny ripples
Good night.....................

Vacations.  Yes, we all went to Lake Michigan.  It was our first time at renting a cottage right on the shore.  I've always wanted to do this and it was wonderful, especially this time of year.  No one was around it was like we were on our own island!  This body of water that sits in such white sand continues to amaze me. It is called a lake, but for people who have not ever seen Lake Michigan it really feels like an ocean.  You can't see land on the other side.  It is this very large body of fresh water that seems endless. Everyday this lake held different beauty.  It was either the stillness of the water, the sun trying to get through dense fog, a stormy day way out along the horizon only seen through my binoculars, or a rainbow early in the morning at the horizon.  Waves were crashing or rippling and birds of all kinds were flying and chattering to each other planning there escape before winter.  I spotted blue herons, green lady bugs, butterfly, hawks, squirrels, spiders, seagulls, and those very little birds that move there legs so quickly near the edge of the water never getting caught in a wave. (I should know there name, but can't think of it right now.)

These photos inspire me to paint!  I'm not sure what exactly yet, but soon I it will click and I'll be ready.

If you have not been out to this wonderful lake yet, make a point of going.  I encourage you to go often because it's beauty is different each time.  If you are interested in a print, just email me.  

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