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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keeping your art new! Changing seasons and changing art.

The sun was shinning and the birds were singing yesterday.  I felt confident spring was on the way.  Did you notice it?  Although February is a short month it's the month I have the toughest time with.  I'm so tired of cloudy skies and the cold air.  I told several people when I went outside for a walk or run it still felt like I had a roof over my head.  This year it was especially brutal!  Who else has this problem with our Michigan weather?

The changing of seasons however does challenge me to look ahead to new designs and to think about what kind of new art I want to create.  I walked into my studio over the weekend to take inventory of what concrete art I had left.  It felt good to be in there again and excited to complete plans for new ideas.  Of course I won't tell you all of my ideas.  I like to keep a bit of it a surprise.  Here are a few questions I was asking myself.

Do I design a new garden ornament? A new fish? Something totally different?

Do I make more of my heads?  I do love them!  I could add pieces, maybe even making them interchanging parts and pieces!

More countertops are a must!  For some reason I really like making these.  They are an art statement.  I haven't found counters that look like mine.  They are smooth but appear natural and industrial.  It's as though I reused a chunk of sidewalk.  Comment below if interested.

The Fireball!  Do I bring these back?  They are wonderful for those garden parties or just to sit and relax a bit.  Please burn them only outside!

Needless to say, I'm ready for this weather to turn - to move into spring.  Once this weather breaks I'll be in there!

Stay here to find out what new concrete art pieces will be available this year.  And lets hope next year I'll have heat in the barn so I won't have to wait for spring.




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