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Monday, February 23, 2015

Original Paintings - Original Art. A few thoughts on why I think everyone should own a piece of original art work.

Of course I think this!  I sculpt concrete, paint and take photos...and I sell them! I love what I do and decided many years ago to make this my full time job.  My responsibility for my job is to work hard and make quality art pieces in all of my three mediums. You hopefully will then want to purchase a piece for your home, cottage, office or really any space you may have.

I do realize however that many people for whatever reason cannot purchase an original art piece so below I have listed a few other cost effective ways to do this!  A few suggestions of mine would be to:
1. Barter.  Is there something you have found that maybe a friend has made?  Do you have something or a service that you think they would like.  Do a trade!
2. Get your kids involved.  Buy a large canvas, give them crayons, pencils, paints, etc., and let them go at it!  This idea works great outside where you won't have to worry about the mess.
3. Grab your camera or even your phone.  Take some time walking around - indoors and outdoors.  Snap a bunch of pictures, develop them or even just print them and place them randomly on a board, canvas, an even an old door! You can even add a bit of paint.

Use your imagination!  We all have one!

The following is an article I read on Houzz on why you should purchase original art.  This Houzz contributor is "right on"!
Houzz is site full of ideas, plans and products for your home.  They include a wealth of information for everyone who's looking to improve their living space, indoors or outdoors.  In fact I use them to help publicize my business!

Here are three examples of my favorite art pieces I have available now!

Abstract Painting  "Rejuvenation" 36"x24"

Photography - Black and White  "Fresh Water"  24"x24"x2.5"

Concrete Art  "Sphere Bowls"

Do you agree with this article. Do you want something just a bit different from everyone else in your space? Let me know!

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