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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring Fever! I've got it!

Well, it hit yesterday.  I woke up and it was so quiet.  I woke up and there was still snow on the ground.  I woke up and it was still January.  Ugh!  

Does that sound depressing or what.  Every year I anticipate the long month of January.  I tell myself that this year it will be different.  I'm going to stay energized and positive.  All I have to do is get through January and I'll be OK.  February is a short month, only twenty eight days, right?  Then, March is here and we will hopefully begin to get a few days with signs of spring.

Spring!  I WANT SPRING!  I'm sick of these quiet, cold, white, cloudy gray days!!! 

Yep. It's called Spring Fever and I have it!  I get it every year around this time and it won't go away until spring comes.  So, do I sulk around and feel sorry for myself, or do I fight it and just get moving?  I chose the later.  A couple hours of unexpected sun, a friendly phone conversation, and a night out with friends turned my day around.
Expecting another gray day I was excited to see as it became light out that the skies were clear!  I was going to see the sun!  So I thought I better take advantage of it get out there because I have not seen the sun in weeks!
Wow!  What a great idea!  It was so cold, but so beautiful!  The shadows because of the bright sun were overwhelming with the many inches of snow covering the ground.

I took a few minutes to walk off the road a little deeper into this wooded area.  I'm so glad I did!  This tree was like a sculpture.  The sunlight was hitting it just right.  It made a perfect shadows of almost every branch on the fresh snow.  Natures canvas for sure!  
If you take a moment to look as the sun shines, this is a common view.  Tall lean tree trunks cast these long beautiful shadows.  A sight I never get tired of.

OK, I need to remind myself to personally "shut up" (I apologize for that word, but sometimes I need to be tough on myself). I can either feel sorry for my diagnoses of spring fever or "buck up " and change my attitude. 
It's a new day!  Look for some beauty!

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