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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ever wonder why I add photography as one of my art mediums?

Here's the answer.  Photography inspires me.  It's the first step to my idea for both my concrete art and abstract paintings..  Once I establish my idea my design process begins. Shapes, color, light and texture of each photo all play a part in each piece of art I create. Hear is a macro photo example that shows perfectly what I'm trying to say.  I took this photo a while back.  The bowl shown below it became the inspiration.  Do you see the similarities?

Since now living near the lake, I just can't get enough of the colors of the sky and water.  The movement of light changes the colors constantly.  My photos of the lake have made the most impact in my abstract paintings.  Here is another example of my idea process and inspiration.

Here below are a few of my newest photos from the lake.  I already have a few ideas for my next painting.  Of course, I'll be posting that painting here on my blog when I finish it.  Be patient for that however, as my concrete art is in full swing.  I'm very busy keeping up with product orders and stock.


  1. Love, love, love the boat/beach picture! I might need that one for my house :)

  2. Thanks Cindy! If you decide to do that, let me know the size and I'll get it for you!

  3. Well, I like the simple scene with fantastic nature of the sky.

  4. Thank you! I checked out your's beautiful!