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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes it's the things we don't see.

Have you ever looked at these seeds left from a summer flower?  The color and detail are amazing!  The seeds that are laying inside are protected from the winter elements.  Will they hang on until spring?

These next two photos were taken as I was walking back from getting our mail. I've walked back and forth many times, but this time I noticed these new (normally spring) leaves peeking out.  Something is wrong with was only January 11!  Take note of the web stretching over the top of the leaf.  Everyone was out enjoying the beautiful day even the smallest creatures.

This dried flower still delicate and almost untouched by the winter weather shows so much detail.  I'm thinking after today this flower won't look the same. 

I definitely am sensing a change in the weather.  Although I will miss this wonderful mild weather, I do think here in Michigan it's important to get at least a few weeks of true winter wonderland.  Seeing those fresh new leaves yesterday is not a good thing.  We will have a much healthier green spring and summer with an appropriate amount of winter weather.  (I'm all for a early spring though!)


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