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Monday, January 16, 2012

Macro photography - winter!

Last week was amazingly beautiful.  The week began with mild sunny weather.  I could run with shorts and a light weight long sleeve shirt!  It was as though spring was on its way.  The birds were even out singing like it was early spring.  I was thinking to myself that I did not care if I didn't see the iceberg's form.  I was all about having an early spring! 

Then...winter hit!  And am I glad it did!  Now I would like just a little more of that.  Wow, pure clean beauty all around!  I spent so much time outdoors it was so beautiful.

I've found a new found love of winter weather.  It is just so beautiful.  The snow defined every shape and color.  Needless to say, and if you have followed any of my photos and posts last week, I couldn't put my camera down.  It was as though I was addicted to it.

Because of last weeks photo addiction I did not complete my painting as planned.  I really do want it finished. I'm ready to get going on my next one.  Hopefully this week!  I'll be posting it when it's finished. 

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