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Friday, January 20, 2012

Part of my Alzheimer's Disease Series: My New Abstract Painting Finished..."Circle of Life"

I'm really excited the way this painting of mine turned out.  I used my photo, (left) as inspiration for this newest abstract.  It's an acrylic 48"x30" painting. My goal when finishing a painting is that it becomes a representation of my photo.  This time it was a surprise to me that after I finished this painting.  The technique and brushed strokes I applied have mimiced the photo so well.  I love the black and white (with just a touch of light blue) feel of this painting. It gives it an industrial feel to it (another favorite of mine).

Why "Circle of Life"?  It is part of my Alzheimer's Series.  Do you ever see your own life clearly?  Most of us don't when we don't have the disease.  Life moves so quickly these days, "it's just a blur."  This painting is another reminder to treasure your moments before life passed you by. 


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  2. Thanks so much Allie! It means so much to get validation from viewers.