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Friday, November 4, 2011

Technique - ready! Color - ready! Medium - set! Pattern and design - almost ready!

These three photos are the most recent that I have taken.  Last night we experienced the most beautiful sunset we have seen. It was a dark rainy cloudy day, but at just the right moment before the sun set, the clouds began to clear out. Oh my!  It allowed these rays of yellow, orange, and red to fall on every surface making everything glow.

Next week I am ready to embark on a new art "Creative Sabbatical"!  I do definitely have to update and change my website, this blog and organize all my art folders, but what I'm so excited to begin is a new series of abstract paintings.  Getting ready for this I have had to be extra aware of texture, color, and pattern around me.  I also have had to jot down ideas and thoughts from discussions I have had about this with several people.  Last night as I was talking about my sabbatical with a sister of mine I told her I had my technique and color and medium all ready to go, and what I was not sure of yet was the pattern and design.  As we continued to talk about it she reminded that a great place to start for those ideas was with my camera.  Dah... I knew that, but because I was concentrating on just my painting, I forgot that my photography is what brings all my ideas together.  So off  I go next week with my camera in hand.
Good morning everyone!  Enjoy your day!

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