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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When I'm not creating concrete art I'm painting...

"Sunday Afternoon".  This last week here in Michigan the weather has been beautiful.  Bright sunshine, no humidity, cool crisp mornings, with daytime temperatures right around the low eighties.  This time of  year is bitter sweet for me.  You can feel the end of summer coming, but you welcome the great weather.  The sky becomes so blue, the colors become so vibrant and the air has this wonderful fresh smell.  This painting of mine, called "Sunday Afternoon" reflects all of that...a lazy Sunday afternoon sitting on the beach looking up and barely seeing a lingering morning moon.  I can hear the waves below this painting.

This painting is now ready for purchase and is at Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids.  It's painted on a wood canvas.  The surface is smooth, so smooth you would want to touch it.  I put down layers and layers of painting sanding between each layer to create not only the smooth surface but to make the colors vibrant.  You definitely need to see this painting in person to appreciate it.  If you have any further comments or questions you may email me

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