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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy first day of summer filled with lots of concrete!

The title of my blog entry doesn't make much sense, but today being the first day of summer and the fact I poured a lot of concrete yesterday, I think it's appropriate. 

I poured concrete for 5 chunky bowls, a fireball coffee table, and a base for a fountain.  Today I get to do what is my most favorite in my whole process of concrete art.  That is taking them out of their mold!  I just love to see if it turned out as I expected and to see the little surprises I didn't expect.  Concrete has a mind of it's own.  It sets and creep into areas you didn't plan on.  That's ok though, because it's fun to work with the unexpected to make an original.  That is why I tell each customer, they do get a "one of a kind!"

If you ever see something you're interested in purchasing, please email me for information.  You can also check  out my website for other products available.  I sell all my concrete art, photos and abstract canvases!

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