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Monday, June 20, 2011

Got it! Ready to go!

I kind of feel like I had a mini vacation this past weekend.  Friday I was lucky enough to spend a whole day at the beach.  I mean the whole day.  From morning until sunset.  My youngest daughter and I spent the whole day at our favorite beach with our favorite snacks and refreshing drinks.  We then made it into town late into the day to pick up a yummy pizza with a bit of wine and then headed back out to watch the sun set.  It was a wonderful day!!!  Saturday I no agenda, spent a few hours with both daughters and a night out with fun friends.  Yesterday was of course my husbands day, but with the whole family with every one's help it was another relaxing day!  Yep I got it, I'm relaxed and refreshed! that I had these three days of not working I now need to catch up. I have a list:  more concrete chunky bowls (these seem to be popular again); two concrete water fountains to finish; a concrete fireball table to finish, an order for a concrete birdbath, and I'll be rapping up my new concrete table top fountain design.  Whew!!! 

I'll be posting a picture of these concrete designs as I get them done.

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