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Friday, April 20, 2012

Photography: Lighting...check! Detail...check! Color...check! Composition...check!

A morning of renewal!

I am caught right in the middle of a home (or should I say no home...yet), and my art.  As I have said before I have three art mediums.  Photography, abstract painting and concrete art and sculpture. I have not had a studio since last fall so I've spent the winter painting and have also continued my photography.  My paintings are almost finished, but I am unable to work on my concrete art, so some frustration as set in.

This morning I took a walk with my camera.  The rain had stopped.  The natural light was just about perfect. The smell of the clean air, fresh green leaves that had been washed by the rain, the chirping birds renewed and lifted my spirits!

We so have a plan.  A new home and studio is around the corner (although it will be a long corner).  I'll be hopefully be able to begin pouring the cement to bring you new art pieces soon.

As for my paintings and my series on Alzheimer's Disease, stay tuned for a show soon.

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