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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Macro Day! I just LOVE the surprises!

Macro!  It's all about the surprise of color and texture, shape, form and design.  Yep...that about covers why I love these.

Who would have know I would have found the red color on this rusty nail shown in the top photo.  I guess you could call it my Valentine's Day contribution.  I couldn't find anything the shape of a heart so the red color is going to have to work. (Not that I was looking for a heart shape.)  Who new sand was so pretty and colorful.  Finding the pattern of split wood shown in the second photo is calming, similar to a gentle wave.

This photo below I posted on my facebook page yesterday. I think it deserves a re-post on my blog.  It's actually a thin chunk of ice.  The sun was shining yesterday so the ice picked up the reflection of every color around it including the blue sky, water, sand, snow and so much more.  So beautiful!

Never stop looking for beauty!

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