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Friday, February 3, 2012

Gray...I was reminded I really do like that color.

Yesterday as I was reading a update from Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids, I was reminded what the color of gray means to me.  They posted a paragraph and color chart on the color(s) gray.  I had taken a photo earlier in the morning of a very gray lake and sky.  I thought the calmness and tones of both the lake and sky were very beautiful.  The view gave me a feeling of peacefulness and contentment.  The right color of gray can do that!

Last night I went searching through my photo gallery of my "gray view's" of the lake.  Here are my three favorite so far.  Wouldn't they look great as a set of three, enlarged and hung on a large wall with natural light?

I'm seeing a gray wall with beautiful calm water on it in my future...probably shouldn't paint a wall in this house though.

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