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Monday, January 30, 2012

The power of the world around us...always amazing! A canvas no one can really duplicate.

I was just a little photo happy on Saturday.  I think the waves were the largest we have had so far.  It was so windy it was difficult to hold myself let alone hold my camera still. 

These last few weeks I have experienced nature up close and often.  It has amazed me to see huge snowballs floating around in the lake and banging into the new icebergs that had formed over night.  Then just as quick, in a twenty-four hour time period, those same iceburgs had melted and the sand was smooth, and there was nothing left but a few chunks of ice.  I've been able to sit with a hot cup of coffee in the sun overlooking a calm lake as well as had to bundle up with only my eyes peeking out to withstand the wind and the cold. 

I know for sure you'll be seeing some kind of art representation of what I have been experiencing these last several months.  I am excited about that.  But I also know it won't be as perfect and real as this.

Remember to get out and experience our world!

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