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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bam...color! These photos have many of the the same colors as my first painting for my Alzheimer's series.

Is it a coincidence?  As I was anticipating a new week watching the sunset last night, I realized that these photos of this gorgeous sunset have many of the same colors that I am using in my first painting.  In fact the first coats of red are already down on my canvas!

Alzheimer's had taught my husband's family to treasure everyday they get.  This should not only be true for those with Alzheimer's, but true for everyone, even when there is no disease evident in your life right now.  How often do you go through the day and not even think about that?  I challenge you to start to become aware of tiny blessings such as seeing the sunlight shine through clouds such as this, hearing the first sounds from a little child, or seeing a smile on that sick family member.  At the end of each day ponder (or even write down) as to how many you saw.  I assure you as you do this each day, that list will increase.

How positive for us to see the "what we have" rather than "what we don't have"!

Enjoy your day and your week!

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