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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A palette of color on a morning run!

Did any of you realized how long it takes for the sun to come up in the morning.  For me it's well into my day already.  Here is the first sun of the day creeping into the nooks and crannies of nature.
I just love the color in this photo!  As someone told me yesterday...OMG!!!
It's just a beautiful palette of many colors outside right now.  It's been really very difficult to take it all in.  I feel so rushed because this season passes us by so quickly.  Last week I was on one my my early runs.  There is this path I run down frequently.  I love this part of the run because it takes me along side this river and there is no traffic - it's quiet.  This path runs east and west.  Normally, mainly because of habit, I run it from the east and toward the west.  This particular morning, I decided to run it going east.  Was I glad I did!  I rounded the last curve just as the sun was coming up.  The sun shone so perfectly through the trees and on to the river and set every sparkle and color on fire!  It just grabbed my attention!  I stopped and walked toward the river to check out the reflections.  I backed up, and walked some of it again to take in the beauty.  I stopped and just stood there to watch how the light changed the colors as the sun came up.  I listened as leaves would drop quietly in the water and the birds were chirping to each other. It was a moment that I was able to capture and reflect on the true beauty of the season.  A friend wrote on a post of mine this morning that really says it all. 

"God's handywork is amazing... good job capturing it for sharing."

Thanks Mike...I agree!  Now I want all of you to take a least a moment before it's gone and experience God's handywork! 

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