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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making cement and adding texture and pattern all for an urban look!

I don't have finished concrete art pieces to show you yet this week because I am in the middle of mixing up batch after batch of concrete, pouring it into fireballs and fountains!  I've poured a bunch of fireballs and they should be ready by late tomorrow!  I'll be finishing up my mold for two new fountain designs and hopefully pouring those later today and tomorrow.

Notice the photo below!  This photo that I took is amazing to me for two reasons. When I took this photo, I took it because of the colors and the way the early morning sun light was playing on those colors.  What I didn't notice until I checked them out on my computer, was the brown and gray organic plant (or maybe a type of fungus) growth near the bottom of this photo.  What a delicate and beautiful surprise!!!  I love surprises in my art.  In almost each piece of concrete art I create I like to include a surprise.  That's the first reason!  The second reason is when I do find an organic surprise as this, it inspires me to incorporate these patterns in one or more of my future art pieces.

Sometime these surprised are planned, but most times these surprises are not, and that is exactly what makes my whole art process fun and also makes me keep going.  The possibilities are endless! 
Are you interested in my concrete art, photography or abstract canvases?  Email me so I can give you more information!

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