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Friday, May 27, 2011

Art in New York: Some I found and some found me!

New York made more of an impact on me than I thought!  Was it my favorite city?  No.  But it is filled with so much to see.  I'm realizing it is taking me a while to ingest it now that I'm home.  Of course I had my camera with me so this allowed me to capture the kind of art I love to find...the unexpected.

Then of course although these next few photos are not art treasures that I found, they definitely are art and were very valued and inspirational to me.  Walking through all six floors of the MoMA in New York was awesome.  As I began my walk through the fifth floor I was greeted with a large painting by!  Then as I continued there was a Monet, then a Matisse, Dali, Mondrian,Van Gogh, etc., etc.!  All original works!!!  It was just amazing!  

This trip will be filled with many memories for me.  Great family memories as this was the whole reason for the trip.  It was a great milestone for my youngest daughter.  And it was also full of great inspiration for me to forge ahead with my own art now with renewed energy.  Although this is one of my favorite abstract canvases (and it is still available), watch out now as I will even paint, create and design more!


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